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At Pavestyle Driveways we are expert installers of tarmac driveways so if you’re looking for a durable, economical driveway material, tarmac might be just the thing. Depending on the area to be covered, i.e. larger driveways tarmac is often the cheapest option, however, small areas can be comparably priced to other paving, especially if your preference is for coloured tarmac.

Strong and Long-lasting

Tarmac driveways are strong and very resilient and will not crack or damage easily. With a smooth flat surface with no cracks or joins that can become overgrown with weeds and mould It is idea for high trafficked areas like driveways.

Tarmac is easy to maintain and extremely affordable to install in your home.

For expert advice on tarmac driveways and to discuss your best options call us on 01432 298067. We offer fee estimates and advice and there is no payment until you’re completely satisfied.